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2007 Walter Macken, Nimmo’s Pier – Extract from “Rain on the Wind” – Unveiled by Fr. Walter Macken

Walter Macken

Two plaques were unveiled in 2007. “Galway” is the title of a poem Louis McNeice wrote when he was here at the outbreak of World War II. He was at the end of Nimmo’s Pier when the idea came to his mind and that is where his poem is located. It was unveiled by the Northern poet, Tom Paulin.

The crowd then moved to the other end of the pier to a seat near the Claddagh Hall on which there is an extract from “Rain on the Wind” by Walter Macken. This evocatively describes how the sunset changes the colours and atmosphere of the houses on Long Walk, just across the river. It was unveiled by the author’s son, Fr. Walter Macken together with Niall Ó Brolcháin, Mayor of Galway and it was sponsored by David Niland.

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