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Des Kenny's Book Reviews

Book Review of 'Irish Working Lives' by Des Kenny

Fourteen Irish Working lives are highlighted in the book and include - amongst others - a Birdman, an Embalmer, a Gardener, a Sewer Man a Chiropodist a Train Driver and an Air Traffic Controller.

The cover of the recently published book “Irish Working Lives” written by Marie Louise O’Donnell, illustrated by Eric Luke’s photographs is inviting and attractive, one of those rare occasions when a book can be judged by its cover.

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Des Kenny reviews 'Show Them A Good Time' by Nicole Flattery

The Essence of Absurdity

by Des Kenny

The first paragraph in the first story of Nicole Flattery’s first collection “Show Them a Good Time” reads: “The schemes were for people with plenty of time, or people not totally unfamiliar with being treated like shit. I was intimate with both situations. Management interviewed me - bizarre questions through an inch of plexiglass: How long, in hours, have you been unemployed? Did you misspend your youth throwing stones at passing cars?

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Des Kenny Reviews: "An Irish Voice" by Niall O'Dowd

Des Kenny of Kennys Bookshop Galway Ireland reviews The Irish Voice: Ireland on the Radio Includes clips of Churchill, deValera, Yeats, Patrick Kavanagh and many other famous voices. 9781848401266

Des Kenny Reviews: That Unearthly Valley, A Donegal Childhood by Patrick McGinley

Des Kenny Reviews Patrick McGinley’s That Unearthly Valley: A Donegal Childhood. 9781848401198

Des Kenny Reviews: Praise in Which I Live and Move and Have My Being by Paul Durcan

Des Kenny Reviews Paul Durcan’s Praise in Which I Live and Move and Have My Being. 9781846556272

Des Kenny Reviews: My Name is Patrick by Padraig McCarthy

Des Kenny of Kennys Bookshop, Galway, Ireland reviews My Name is Patrick by Padraig McCarthy. 9781904890843

Des Kenny Reviews: Selected Poems by Gerald Dawe

Des Kenny of Kennys Bookshop, Galway, Ireland reviews Gerald Dawe's new 'Selected Poems'. 9781852355319