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George A Birmingham - The Grand Duchess -  - KEX0279135
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The Grand Duchess

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Description for The Grand Duchess hardcover. 8vo. Original cloth stained. Irish Literature. George A. Birmingham is the pseudonym of James Owen Hannay. He was born on July 16, 1865, in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. Today the house where he was born is a part of the administration building of the Queen’s University of Belfast. It is located on University Road across from the university. On the wall of the house there is a memorial plate which says, “James O. Hannay, George A. Birmingham, Novelist, 1865-1950, Born in this House, July 16”. Behind the tree on the left is the house where Birmingham was born. (Belfast)A memorial plate dedicated to Birmingham (Belfast) At the time when Birmingham was born, the whole island of Ireland was under British rule and there had been a long-lasting conflict between those who claimed that Ireland should stay in Britain and those who insisted Ireland should be free from Britain. Most of the pro-British were immigrants from Britain and their descendants. They were mainly Protestants and called Unionists. On the other hand, most of the pro-Irish had their origins in Ireland. They were mainly Catholics and called Nationalists. Birmingham’s parents were of British origin. His paternal grandfather had immigrated from Scotland to Northern Ireland and married a local woman whose parents also had come from Scotland. They settled themselves in the suburbs of Bushmills, which is famous for whiskey. Birmingham’s father, Robert Hannay (1835-1894), was born there. Later he moved to live in Belfast and gave services as a Church of Ireland clergyman in St. Anne’s Church, today’s St. Anne’s Cathedral, which is located near the city center.

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