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America: Nation of the Goddess

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Description for America: Nation of the Goddess Paperback. Explores how a secret cabal of influential families has shaped the United States according to the principles of sacred geometry and Goddess veneration Num Pages: 368 pages, 55 b&w illustrations. BIC Classification: 1KBB; HBJK; VXA. Category: (G) General (US: Trade). Dimension: 228 x 152. .
In America: Nation of the Goddess, Alan Butler and Janet Wolter reveal how a secret cabal of influential "Venus" families with a lineage tracing back to the Eleusinian Mysteries has shaped the history of the United States since its founding. The evidence for such incredible assertions comes from American institutions such as the National Grange Order of Husbandry and from the man-made landscape of the United States where massive structures and whole cities conform to an agenda designed to elevate the feminine within religion and society. The authors explain how the Venus families, working through the Freemasons and ... Read more

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About Butler, Alan; Wolter, Janet
Alan Butler is a writer, researcher, and recognized expert in ancient cosmology and astronomy with many books to his credit, including Hiram Key Revisited, Civilization One, and City of the Goddess. He has appeared on Ancient Aliens, The Mystery of History, and America Unearthed. He lives in Yorkshire, England. Janet Wolter is a writer and historical investigator. Married to Scott ... Read more

Reviews for America: Nation of the Goddess
“. . . A scholarly yet fun to read book packed with revelations about America’s greatest secrets. Readers will never be able to look at the nation’s capital or New York City the same way again.”
Steven Sora, author of Secret Societies of America’s Elite and The Lost Treasure of the Knight
“The authors have compiled a wealth ... Read more

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