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    “A remarkable book...Experiences like Roisin’s have now been validated by hundreds of scientific studies around the world, and provide evidence that consciousness is more than the brain and indeed that we are more than our bodies. As a guide to enhancing your own spirituality, Taking Heaven Lightly is a love story in the most sublime sense” Dr. Bruce Greyson, co-editor of The Handbook of Near-Death Experiences.

    Each and every one of us is more powerful than we can begin to imagine. Roisin Fitzpatrick discovered this in 2004 when, without any warning, she suffered a life-threatening brain haemorrhage. While in the intensive care unit, she felt herself being drawn out of her body and enveloped in a radiant light. There, in a blissful experience of the afterlife, she had the most amazing transformation of her life when she realised that 'Heaven' lies within each of us, that we are pure love and always at one with the eternal light. Roisin calls this her 'near-life experience' because no longer having any fear of death has given her the freedom to truly live and she encourages readers to embrace this precious gift of life. In this ground-breaking book, she shares her extraordinary journey, describing her path of living in harmony with the now . Roisin seamlessly weaves her near-death experience (NDE) with the eternal light - solas siorai - of our ancient Irish myths and monuments, shining a light on our past, present and future. She also provides an inspirational guide for how to connect with this light to enhance our daily lives, so no matter what challenges we face, we can develop a deeper connection to a sense of peace and unity beyond the physical realm.

    About the Author: A graduate of Trinity College Dublin and the University of Geneva, following a brain hemorrhage and NDE, Roisin Fitzpatrick turned this adversity into a positive life change. Integrating her passion for sharing the beauty of the eternal light with her skills acquired from her former professional career at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, she has become an internationally successful artist. Roisin lives in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Taking Heaven Lightly is her first book. Visit 

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