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  • Stop Feeding Your Cancer: One Doctors Journey

    <p>Dr Kelly offers an easily read and thoroughly engaging overview of his personal experience in dealing with cancer in his patients and friends. <p/>
    <p>Drawing heavily from the groundbreaking but perhaps less accessible "The China Study" by T.Colin Cambell , Dr Kelly distills the essence of that work and combines it with an enjoyable mix of medical observations, anecdotes and autobiography.</p>
    <p>The importance of his book is reinforced rather than lessened by the inclusion of his personal experiences. One leaves the book with a sense of the dignity and commitment of the author and a fact based hope that this appalling disease(s) can be managed and often overcome by a simple change in diet.</p>
    <p>This is a book not to be ignored, irrespective of your own current state of health.</p>

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