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Elliott, David, Ladomery, Michael - Molecular Biology of RNA - 9780199671397 - V9780199671397
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Molecular Biology of RNA

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Description for Molecular Biology of RNA Paperback. The versatile RNA molecule, along with its many forms and functions, is elegantly captured in this succinct undergraduate text. Molecular Biology of RNA describes how RNA is not only an intrinsic part of the 'central dogma' of molecular biology, but also plays a part in processes as diverse as the regulation of gene expression and catalysis. Num Pages: 440 pages, Over 300 figures; 8 page colour plate section. BIC Classification: PSAK; PSD. Category: (UP) Postgraduate, Research & Scholarly; (UU) Undergraduate. Dimension: 198 x 266 x 22. Weight in Grams: 852.
RNA plays a central, and until recently, somewhat underestimated role in the genetics underlying all forms of life on earth. This versatile molecule not only plays a crucial part in the synthesis of proteins from a DNA template, but is also intrinsically involved in the regulation of gene expression, and can even act as a catalyst in the form of a ribozyme. This latter property has led to the hypothesis that RNA - rather than DNA - could have played an essential part in the origin of life itself. This landmark text provides a systematic overview ... Read more

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About Elliott, David, Ladomery, Michael
David Elliott, Professor of Genetics, Newcastle University, Michael Ladomery, Reader in Biomedical Science, University of the West of England

Reviews for Molecular Biology of RNA
This comprehensive textbook is pitched at just the right level and explains the concepts in sufficient detail to make them come to life.
Ilan Davis in Development, 2011
Review from previous edition Highly detailed, and well illustrated, Molecular Biology of RNA represents the first text to address exclusively the role of RNA in biological systems.
Kevin Coward ... Read more

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