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At Home in the World

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Description for At Home in the World Paperback. 208 pages, 3 maps. Combining narrative ethnography, research, philosophy, and poetry, this title construes the meaning of home existentially, as a metaphor for the balance people try to strike between the world they call their own and the world they see as 'other'. Cateogry: (P) Professional & Vocational. BIC Classification: 1MBF; JFC; JFSL9; JHM. Dimension: 235 x 141 x 14. Weight: 320.
Ours is a century of uprootedness, with fewer and fewer people living out their lives where they are born. At such a time, in such a world, what does it mean to be "at home?" Perhaps among a nomadic people, for whom dwelling is not synonymous with being housed and settled, the search for an answer to this question might lead to a new way of thinking about home and homelessness, exile and belonging. At Home in the World is the story of just such a search. Intermittently over a period of three years Michael Jackson lived, worked, and traveled ... Read more

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North Carolina, United States
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About Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson is College Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University. He is the author of many books of poetry, fiction, and anthropology, including, most recently, Paths Toward a Clearing: Radical Empiricism and Ethnographic Inquiry and Pieces of Music, a novel.

Reviews for At Home in the World
"Jackson has succeeded in the thoroughly anthropological enterprise of splicing together the wisdom of thinkers in Asian, Euro-American, and Judeo-Christian traditions with ordinary folk wisdom and wise statements of not-so-ordinary Walbiri. In his hands, all these strands converge on a timeless and highly contemporary, insistent, and essentially unanswerable question." - Paul Friedrich, American Ethnologist "Jackson provides qualitative ethnographic research and ... Read more

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