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 Kenny's Choice - 101 Irish Books You MUST Read! by Des Kenny

Kenny's Choice"As enjoyable to read as it is to refer to, Kenny's evocative list deserves to be read and reread in its own right."  CAHIR O'DOHERTY, Irish Central.

Des Kenny's '101 Irish Books...' which was originally released to significant interest and acclaim in 2008, has just been reissued!  

From John Banville to Calton Younger, from The All of It to Zoli, Des Kenny’s choice ranges over novels, plays, poetry, memoir, history and travelogue, written in the past two centuries by Irish writers or by foreign writers on Irish topics. 

The Irish language is represented by classics such as An tOileánach and An Béal Bocht, social history by Synge, Carleton and also by contemporary authors such as Joe McGowan, whose Echoes of a Savage Land is a bridge between the old world and the new. 

A celebration of the twenty years of Kenny’s Book Club and a tribute to his parents Des and Maureen Kenny as well as to authors, publishers, booksellers and book-lovers everywhere, Kenny’s Choice will surprise, intrigue and perhaps infuriate readers, as much for its inclusions as for its omissions. According to Des Kenny, ‘The final selection has no rhyme or reason to it. It includes books that haven’t been read for at least a generation as well as books that never got the attention they deserved. Some books were chosen not only because of their intrinsic merit but also because they represent an important aspect of Irish life and society.’

We have started gathering all of the books and now you can search the first 50 on start ticking off all of Des's 101. 

(Occasionally searches may return no result as books go out of stock; but these will reappear as we replenish. Cover images are for illustration purposes only. Hover to see author, title and original year of publication - then click to search.)

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No.1 The Aran Islands by J.M. Synge No.2 Woodbrook by David Thomson No.3 Puckoon by Spike Milligan No.4 Home Before Night by Hugh Leonard No.5 The Heather Blazing by Colm Tóibín No.6 The Big Chapel by Tom Kilroy

No.7 The Ikon Maker by Desmond Hogan No.8 Waiting for Godot by Samuel Becket No.9 The Hard Road to Klondike by Micí Mac Gabhann No.10 Like Any Other Man by Patrick Boyle No.11 Thy Tears Might Cease by Michael Farrell No.12 Over Nine Waves by Marie Heaney

No.13 The Rough Field by John Montague No.14 The All of It by Jeanette Haien No.15 The Last of the Name by Charles McGlinchy No.16 Rain on the Wind by Walter Macken No.17 Without My Cloak by Kate O'Brien No.18 Never No more by Maura Laverty

No.19 Scothscéalta by Pádraic Ó Conaire No.20 The Course of Irish History by Moody and Martin No.21 The Turf-cutter's Donkey by Paticia Lynch No.22 Captain Boycott by Philip Rooney No.23 Nineteen Acres by John Healy No.24 Langrishe Go Down by Aidan Higgins

No.25 The Visitor by Maeve Brennan No.26 The Year of Liberty by Thomas Pakenham No.27 The Hounds of the Morrigan by Pat O'Shea No.28 Islanders by Peadar O'Donnell No.29 The Voyage of St Brendan by John J. O'Meara No.30 The Weaver's Grave by Seumas O'Kelly

No.31 The Untilled Field by George Moore No.32 Blackcock's Feather by Maurice Walsh No.33 Remembering Ahanagran by Richard White No.34 The Dark by John McGahern No.35 Lig Sinn I gCathú by Brendán Ó hEithir No.36 One Voice: My Life in Song by Christy Moore

No.37 Stand and Give Challenge by Francis MacManus No.38 How Was it for You, Doctor? by Pat Ingoldsby No.39 Some Experiences of an Irish R.M. by Sommerville and Ross No.40 Home from England by James Ryan No.41 Irish Tales of Mystery and Magic by Eddie Lenihan No.42 Watching the River Flow by Theo Dorgan and Noel Duffy

No.43 Talking to Ourselves by Ivor Kenny No.44 The Last Invasion of Ireland by Richard Hayes No.45 The Road to Silence by Seán Dunne No.46 Spanish Gold by G.A. Birmingham No.47 Strumpet City by James Plunkett No.48 Castle Rackrent by Maria Edgeworth

No.49 The Stories by Frank O'Connor No.50 The Island of Ghosts by Eilís Dillon  ... and the rest will follow very soon!