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Kennys inspires Galway International Arts Festival

We eagerly anticipate this year's Galway International Arts Festival.  A little-known fact released this week was that GIAF became the first Arts Festival in Ireland to have its own website, inspired by Kennys Bookshop!

We can't claim to have been the first bookshop in the world to have had a website; as a matter of fact, we were the second, pipped by a shop in Seattle. However, we are certainly the longest-still-operating bookshop with a website in the world, as the bookshop in the US has unfortunately long since closed! Thanks for the thought GIAF, and good luck with this year's programme! Galway to the world, and the world to Galway... Thanks @GalwayIntArts for #inspiring #CreativeCollision in #Galway Galway Arts Festival website >>>